"The world isn't getting any easier. With all these new inventions I believe that people are hurried more and pushed more... The hurried way is not the right way; you need time for everything - time to work, time to play, time to rest."

An extraordinary story in fact AND in principle.

In 1936 Hedy Lamarr became the first woman to grace the silver screen in a feature film wearing nothing but her birthday suit. Five years later, at a Hollywood dinner party, she engaged in a passionate discussion with an avant-garde composer about protecting U.S. radio-guided torpedoes from enemy interference.

She scrawled her phone number in lipstick on the windshield of his car so they could develop their ideas further.

In 1942, unbeknownst to her adoring public, the unlikely duo secured a patent and gave it to the United States government for a "Secret Communications System" expressly constructed to assist in the defeat of Hitler.

The science presented in this patent serves as the basis for the technology we use today in cell phones, pagers, wireless Internet, defense satellites, and a plethora of other spread-spectrum devices. next >>