Hedy Lamarr was born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler in Vienna on November 9, 1914. In the late 1920's Hedy was discovered and brought to Berlin by Max Reinhardt. Following her training in the theater, she returned to Vienna where she began to work in the film industry as a script girl. She soon began to act; her first notable role was in the 1931 film "Man Braucht Kein Geld."

In 1933 Hedy achieved international renown when she played the first nude scenes in cinematic history in the Czech film "Ecstasy." The film was banned in many countries around the world, including the United States.

On August 10, 1933, Hedy Kiesler married Austrian industrialist Fritz Mandl, CEO of one of the world's leading arms manufacturers. While her husband forbade her to pursue her acting career, (attempting to buy up all existing copies of "Ecstasy"), this proved to be one of the most valuable relationships to the scientific technology she would develop years later. next >>