"It was his game to keep me prisoner. It had been my game to escape. He had lost."

She fled her country and husband in 1937. On the voyage to America she was signed to a $500 a week contract by MGM's Louis B. Mayer. She also took on the new last name "Lamarr," meaning "the sea" (La Mar.)

The new Hedy Lamarr became one of the most successful actresses of the late '30s and early '40s. In a career that lasted into the late '50s, Lamarr acted in more than 25 films with the likes of Clark Gable, James Stewart, Spencer Tracy and Judy Garland.

Lamarr enjoyed her biggest box-office success in 1949 with Samson & Delilah, her favorite and first color film, produced by Cecil B. DeMille. next >>